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  • "Not only have you given me the tools to change my life, but also a sense of hope and confidence in myself that I have never felt before...I have only known you for about 4 days, but somehow in that short amount of time you have managed to profoundly change the way I see the world.“–Sammie C.

  • “I have been an avid weightlifter my entire life…I am now a national level competitor in the 275 pound, raw power lifting division. ..Something about this man was different…his knowledge of health was outstanding… Now, we have all heard the vegan trends  pounded down our throats much like an over-exuberant pastor or priest…Dan was not this way. As someone who puts his body under heavy loads topping out in the seven to eight hundred pound range, I do not think I could ever fully drop meat from my diet. I however was pleasantly surprised when I found out that this was not in Dan's plan for me, rather he wanted to add in key ingredients that my diet was lacking, which were causing major nutritional deficiencies that have given me health problems for YEARS! …When I get sick, I go to Dan and take his advice. He now has me doing a daily regiment tailored to my needs. The man does not treat you like a client, he treats you as a friend. –Matt P.

  • "You're the first person who has inspired me to be an active participant in my life and find what makes me happy without pressure.  Words can't express my thanks.” –Kayla H.

  • "It was so overwhelming until you came! Not only were you full of incredible information, but you had "been there," that was so reassuring. “   –Bev C.